The gynecological group that I have gone to for many years has decided not to deliver babies anymore.  Why?  Well, they have been around for awhile and the insurance has gone through the roof.  What they have done is partnered with a hospital and have the young doctors who are connected with the hospital deliver the babies and be involved with the patients from early on.  That way the hospital carries the insurance and it has saved them huge amounts of cash.  Unfortunately that is what it has come to.

They have also added some new goodies to buy when you come to the office.  A new specialized breast scanner.  A new additional product that is used when having a pap smear which is supposedly more accurate.  These additional items, that someone always asks if you are interested in when you come in for an appointment are additional costs not covered by insurance. 

On one hand, I find it annoying that I am asked if I would like A, B or C.  Feel like I am on the phone with Ticketmaster but on the other hand, I don’t blame them.  The doctors are attempting to provide a higher level of care, and make some extra money on the side. 

I have no idea how much they are reimbursed from my insurance company for the pap smear, the office visit, the sonogram etc. but when I leave I just pay $10 (my co-pay). 

Doctors put in long hard hours from the beginning of their careers – think med school – until the end of their careers.  Their knowledge is a gift to everyone of their patients.  The HMO’s and insurance companies have changed the profession.  Doctors no longer are able to make the money that they once were and I think they should.  Doctors have found other ways to supplement their income, at least my gynecologist has. 

Many doctors don’t even want to take the insurance in New York.  The insurance industry has created doctors for the haves and have-nots. 

When I was at the doctor yesterday and they were pushing their products, it just made me think and pause.