Images_24Public transportation in New York is a great way to go.  It is quick, efficient and pretty safe. It hasn’t always been that way.  In the 70’s and early 80’s, the subway was pretty nasty.  I prefer the subway to the bus and take both. Most of the time, the subway is the way to go.

I filled my card a few weeks ago with another $20.  $20 gets your $24 worth of travel.  The metrocard is the way to go.  I took my ride.  When I got on the subway to return, the card wouldn’t work.  Eventually I gave up and went to the toll booth to ask for help.  They gave me an envelope and said I needed to send my card back and contact the MTA.  Yeah, right.

I took the envelope home.  Wrote a letter about what happened and sent that off with my card.  When I got back from vacation I had a letter from the MTA.  They checked out my card and it was definitely faulty.  They supplied me with a new card and $22 worth of travel which is exactly what was left. 

I loved it.  In terms of Government offices, the MTA works.