Where is all the help?

Summer help has always been hard to come by but it seems harder and harder every year.  I had dinner with a group of friends last night and the restaurant did not have enough staff to cover everyone if it was filled to capacity.  So we began the discussion of why this is happening.

When I grew up, during our college years, we worked as a counselor, retail, waitress, babysitter, manual labor, etc.  Enjoyed the summer, put some money in our pocket, and went back to college in the Fall.  Now life has changed. 

Kids are getting internships starting in High School.  It is tough to land a really great summer job that will look good on the resume.  As much as I admire the drive of each of these kids to get all their ducks in a row to insure the killer job when they graduate, or the one that goes on the resume to get you into the college of your choice, I do wonder what happened to enjoying one’s youth. 

There was always a new sense of community and camaraderie with summer jobs.  New people you meet for a few months and work the grunt job with.  Nothing too cerebral.  That was saved for the school year.  Instead, the pressure to compete harder.  If you don’t play the game, you are screwed.  Who is brave enough to just not play by the new rules and sling hash all summer instead?

As each summer goes by, it gets harder and harder.  You look around and wonder, where is all the help?