Damn I love technology…

I love technology.  Granted, I am far from a tech geek.  I don't dig very hard and only use what makes my life easier. 

This summer, I became addicted to the BBM.  I kept a running conversation with my best friend all summer.  I kept running conversations going with the girls if they were somewhere else.  There wasn't a day that we didn't check in.  BBM is especially great when you are doing it with someone who really knows you because the conversation is right to the point while it flows back and forth.  You have your own language.  Also, it is free so no matter where either of you are – Istanbul and Alaska – it is free.

Today, the BBM rocked.  I am out at the beach.  Emily is in the city.  She found a pair of sunglasses she loved but wanted confirmation.  So, she sent me a picture of herself with the glasses on.  I saw it, loved it, and she was done.  Genius.  She could have bought an entire wardrobe and I could have given it a thumbs up or a thumbs down.

Damn, I love technology…

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