More on technology

Can you guess how many computers are in this picture? 

The kids and Fred use the computer to take in information.  As much as possible.  Between the blogs, fashion and food, and facebook, there is  constant fulfillment of connection with the world. 

We were sitting around watching the Olympics.  All computers are up.  My brother is sitting next to me with his screen on and up pops Jessica for video ichat.  It was pretty hilarious since she was sitting on the next couch.  This went back and forth on every computer all night. 

The moment Phelps won the 8th gold medal, Emily announced that Phelps bio had already been changed on Wikipedia as it had the night before when he had won 7 gold medals, and the night before when he had won 6, etc. 

Also as the evening wore on, information was being called out.  DId you hear about this restaurant opening, did you see what is happening on this street, did you read about the new store opening, did you see the new line of so and so, have you heard the new Beck album etc.  It was like sitting around in the morning reading the NYTimes for the day and discussing the editorial section or what movies are opening that week.

We are probably not the norm in terms of technology needs and use but it is interesting to sit around and watch how our kids take in the information and their thoughts on what voids need to be filled in the market place coming down the track.

Just interesting…