New businesses

 Today I took a road trip with my friend up to Greenwich CT.  She started a business as she found more time on her hands and the kids got older.  The name of the company pretty much sums it up, the name is In Between Loading the Dishwasher.

I give her huge credit for coming up with the concept and executing on it.  The first step is always the hardest.  Although I am not involved with the business, per se, we are a good team because she is the creative force and I am really all about cost, execution and direction.  So, she invited me along. 

Her business is a card business.  Cards at affordable prices that are clever, politically driven, pop-culture commentary and funny.  Clean and crisp looking. They pop.  Her cards will carried at Second Time Around retail stores.  They have 13 stores throughout the Northeast.  Right now they are in the Greenwich store.  Hoping to set the price somewhere in the $3 range.

On the drive up, we called and registered the domain name, talked about how the cards should be priced, and how to grow the business methodically.  I love this kind of stuff.  My advice was basically to do one thing at a time, follow the path, don't do to many things at once, grow slowly.  For instance, some of these cards would make fantastic note pads but wait until the site is launched, wait until you see how the stores start selling the cards, etc.  I'm obviously really excited. 

The website hasn't been built yet, but soon.  That is the next step. 

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