In Good Company Workspaces


Today I went by In Good Company Workspaces to meet up with a friend for a meeting.  In Good Company is a shared workspace for women only.  I love the tag line,  A Community Workspace for Women Entrepreneurs.

Reminded me of Techspace in the mid-90's that took over large pieces of real estate and charged an amount for a small start up company to have an office there.  They generally could not afford to have an office by themselves unless it was some type of shared space.  Techspace started in the Union Square area and now has a few other spaces. 

What is interesting about the shared space among women only are a few things.  The space is clean, well lit, weekly flowers, rotating art work on the wall and you can feel the sense of community when you walk in the door.  There are office and conference areas.  Although there might not be much overlap in what each of the women do, it gives each of them the ability to integrate with other people during the course of the day and perhaps toss out ideas with someone who has a totally different set of eyeballs.

I know for me, although I don't have a consistent job like many of these women from life coach, PR biz, marketing group, etc., I miss the ability to have a conversation with someone about what I am working on or thinking of doing.  There is something to be said for having a partner.

Anyway, very cool space, great concept and I like that they actually schedule a meeting weekly, if you want to join, to talk and connect.  This provides networking opportunities which could be as easy as finding a friend who also has a solo business.  Plus, the price is right.