4 Last night we went to Spin.  Spin is a large ping pong hall.  The event was to get people in the Internet industry together. 

Spin is quite cool.  The tables are state of the art.  Just enough space to really get into your game.  If you don't want to play, food and alcohol are available too.  Smart concept considering the space was probably an unused basement at one point. 

The event, was great.  Just the right amount of people.  New friends and old friends.  Always fun meeting people who I know through the blog but have never met face to face.  Really fantastic seeing old familiar faces that I had not seen for a long time.

As a kid, I played ping pong all the time.  We had a table in our basement.  My Dad, although probably not the best parenting move, used to beat the pants off of us.  I'd practice and practice until I finally beat him.  Then we stopped playing.  Not sure my Dad liked to lose.  I haven't really played consistently since then.  Might have to take out the ping pong table in our basement and brush up before I return to Spin.  It appeared from last night, some people take their ping pong very seriously.  Personally, I stuck with the schmoozing aspect which worked just fine for me.