taking a deep breath

Recharging your batteries and keeping expectations low, to me, are two important keys to life. 

I expected the first part of my summer to be simple.  Time to reflect on the past and think about the future.  Lots of time to spend by myself.  Not that I don't spend plenty of time by myself but I spend it doing and working not cleansing.  Very different.  Alas, the summer did not turn out to be like that but that is fine.  Keep expectations low and you won't be disappointed and perhaps you will be pleasantly surprised. 

The pleasant surprise was the amount of time I got to spend with Josh which was fantastic.  Fred spent the majority of the summer with us too which wasn't expected either and great.  Ended up being a family vacation which is not so easy as the kids get older.  I'd be happy to have each of them bring a friend along.  Makes for happier kids. 

Everyone is at the age where they are basically independent and capable of getting around and owning their own life.  So, I am taking the last weeks of August to recharge my batteries.  The first few days back, I spent getting stuff done.  So much done that at times I surprise myself how much I can get done in a day.  I had coffee on Monday with a start-up.  Fred put us together.  When I told them the variety of things I am involved with, I could see that they were a tad freaked.  But the truth is, that is how I am hard-wired.  I am able to juggle a million things at once.  Have my fingers in lots of pies.  It is what charges my batteries. 

I am really looking forward to September which I consider the beginning of the year.   I am so lucky to get to meet and work with super smart interesting people everyday.  Hoping to spend the next couple of weeks recharging the batteries, cooking and baking a lot at home, reflecting on the past year and setting goals for the next year, hanging with the kids, reading more books, seeing friends, working out and basically just chilling.