The Fifth Annual Golden Schmaltz Awards

Every year our temple, the New Shul, puts on a food contest.  Great for community and raising money.  I can tell you that food is always good and available when it comes to the Jews.  There was some serious competition. 

I entered my chocolate chip caramel salted cookies

To my right was ruggelah.

To my left was these decadent chocolate brownies with dulce de leche.

The judges took it all very seriously. 

In the end, I won for most sophisticated dessert.  Glad to have come with a trophy.  Lots of buzz around my cookies which made me happy.  I wish I had a small video camera to watch peoples reaction when they took a bite, particulary the kids, just funny. 

There was also a junior competition.  The winner was a teenage kid who made three nut toffee like crunch with just a hint of cayenne pepper.  Pretty damn good.