Don’t Discount What I Do

Images My friends wife had to return to her family, who lives in Norway, for a month.  She took the kids and left this past week.  Her father died suddenly, although he certainly had a long life, it wasn't expected.  My friend said he was thinking about me and conversations we have had over the years about not discounting what his wife does.  It happen to hit him right between the eyes this past week. 

Every morning, he gets up and leaves the house at the ungodly hour of 430/5am.  He is basically comatose as he grabs a coffee, that has been programmed for his morning cup by his wife every night, on the way to work.  He also grabs the milk from the refrigerator and pours it into his cup and without realizing it probably leaves the milk on the counter daily.  This week, his routine continued even though his family is abroad.  He got up, filled up his coffee mug, topped it off with a little milk and walked out the door.  The difference is when he came back that night, the milk was still on the counter just where he had left it leaving him no milk the following morning because now the milk had gone bad. 

What is the lesson here?  Relationships and marriages are partnerships that ebb and flow over the years.  We all take different roles as kids come into the picture or as jobs change but every persons role is just as important as the next.  Just because you aren't in the process of bringing home the bacon, per se, it doesn't mean that one person's job/role isn't just as important as the other. 

How does the house get clean?  How does the milk get put away?  How does the refrigerator get filled with food?  How does the laundry get done and end up the drawers folded?  How do the kids get dressed and happen to have new shoes and clothes each time they get a growth spurt?  How do we have dinner reservations with friends this week?  How did the kids bday party get planned?  How did that vacation get planned?  How did the car get serviced?  Need I go on? 

Running a family is just like running a small business.  Each day is different, there is a never ending list of to-dos, each decision you make has reprecussions, all days are learning and teaching moments….and each day is absolutely exhausting. 

So at the end of the day, no matter what role you take, don't discount what anyone does.