why can’t I always get greenmarket quality food?

I became spoiled this summer with the array of farm to table food that we ate daily.  As silly as this sounds, a tomato tastes like a tomato, arugula tastes spicy and delicious, an apple tastes crisp and juicy.  No need to go on. 

Shishito peppers
We through a dinner party last night (recipes to come) and I blocked out some time to go to the Union Square Greenmarket on Friday.  Fred even ran out on Saturday morning to grab a few more ears of corn at the Abbington Square Greenmarket.  So two trips to the Greenmarket. 

I texted with Emily later in the day.  I told her that I could have brought a U-haul with me to the Greenmarket.  LOL.  I filled my cart to the brim and then carried a few other bags. 

Here is my haul home in the taxi.  I just wish that I could only buy produce like this every day of the week without having to make such a commitment to finding it.