slow roasted beef in tomato sauce

It was Sunday and putting something on the stove for hours is definitely the call.  We can smell it start to come together sometime around the first football game.  This could not be easier and you can play with the ingredients.

2 large carrots cut into small cubes

2 leeks chopped

1/2 Vidalia onion chopped

2.5 lbs chuck roast whole (not cut into cubes like for stew)

2 large cans chopped tomatoes

1/2 bottle red wine

8 ounces demi-glace

salt, pepper, a few pieces of thyme, bay leaves ( in a spice sack )

In a dutch oven coat the bottom lightly with olive oil.  When it gets hot brown the meat on each side.  Take that out and put in the carrots and onions.  Saute until soft.  Put the meat back in.  Add the demi-glace, wine, tomatoes, the spice sack and 1 tsp. kosher salt and some fresh pepper.  Bring this to boil and then take it down to simmer.  Cover and let cook for about four hours.  Once in a while check on the meat and pull it apart as it begins to separate.

Serve over pasta ( I used pappardelle ) and some grated Parm on the side.  Good to go.  I was able to freeze half the sauce for another night.