wrapping up some time in Utah

First of all after an epic year of snow last winter, this year is off to an absymal start…and there is not a lot of snow in the forecast.  So we are doing a snow dance up here.

The key to being up in the Canyons is cooking at home.  Bo ssam was a big hit one night.  Picture above. 

There are two places we ate at in the Canyons.  We had dinner one night at the Slopes which is located in the Waldorf Astoria.  Terrible.  One more dinner (in one of the shopping areas) was at Ghidottis.  Beyond bad. We also had dinner at the Farm.  I spoke to them 3 times.  Once to make the reservation, once to confirm and then another time when they called me to confirm again.  We got there and they had no record of our reservation.  10 people do not just show up for dinner.  They gave us free appetizers and truly tried to accomodate us.  Corn dog above filled with pulled pork.    

Small pastry pie filled with beef.  Unfortunately because of the laws here we could not all go eat in the bar which is what I would recommend to just order a few appetizers.  21 and older only.  After moving things around they finally seated us an hour later.  The food..not so good and insanely rich.  Alas.

Had lunch one day at Cafe Terigo.  Actually not bad.  Pizzas ( which came out later ), salads and sandwiches.  Our other lunch was at Highwest Distillery which was pretty good.  Our best lunch was at the bottom of the Tombstone Express where they do a great assortment of BBQ.  Another noteable is the Windy Ridge Bakery.  Amazing baked goods.  Get there early.  They also have savory salads and quiches. 

I know up in Deer Valley there are some good restaurants but honestly from where we are that could be a 40 minute drive which doesn't do it for us. It takes us just 15 minutes to get down to the main road. 

In conclusion, coming here will be relaxing, eating at home, lounging around after a day of skiing and perhaps if we are seriously motivated going down into town to pick up some chocolate covered gummy bears.  BTW, I knew all of that before we got there but I had to confirm what I already knew.