don’t be a loser

Losers from Everynone on Vimeo.

My brother has been involved in the running and growth of a production company for the majority of his career.  He has an amazing eye and a smart business head.  He has produced some of the most memorable commercials for brands such as Apple, Coca-Cola, Jack Daniels, Old Navy and more.  It is always great to get together and have him show me what he is working on.  He is passionate about his directors and has a moral compass around what they are trying to create.

One of the projects he is working on now is called Losers by Everynone.  Everynone is three guys who are seriously talented in the medium of short films/advertisements ( maybe long films one day ).  My brother showed me their work some time ago before they became part of his company.  This particular short is very powerful and deals with the societal problem of bullying. 

Bullying has been around forever but now with social media, people can bully others through Facebook and other online sites anonymously making it even more difficult to deal with.  We have all read some of the terrible reprecussions that have taken place including the suicide of teenagers who just couldn’t take it anymore. 

How do we deal with this issue?  Facebook should be all over this as a public service to educate people about how bullying is not okay.  Truth of the matter, I bet some of the most successful Internet entrepreneurs were bullied when they were kids…and then they grew up to run the world.  Why can’t those entrepreneurs get behind this message and make this a national campaign using their brands?  They could and they should.  BTW, I’d be happy to put you in touch my brother. 

Watch the video.  It is pretty powerful.