what would it be like if women ran the world?

Last night I had dinner with a small group of really interesting women.  Most of them come out of the finance world.  It was absolutely fascinating to hear their stories in regards to how difficult it was to climb up the corporate ladder, how women were treated vs men, how women treated women, how they looked at things differently, etc.  For me, it confirmed that women climbing up the ladder, no matter what field they are in, is not an easy hurdle.

The question that was asked last night was "what if women were the ones running the largest corporations over the last century, would things be different"?  I don't know the answer but it certainly makes you think. Women process information completely different than men.  Men tend to take more risks and jump in feet first without giving anything as much thought as a woman does.  How would that be for corporate America? 

Personally I am a big believer of a mix of both men and women in senior management.  The combination of brains makes for a much more successful enterperprise….and the statistics, data and research proves that to be the case.

I just finished reading 11/22/63, Stephen Kings book.  The story revolves around a portal that takes the main character from 2011 to 1963.  He can spend four years in 1963 but when he returns to 2011 only two minutes have passed.  He goes back to change history, 11/22/63 is the day that JFK was shot.  What would happen if he never got shot, would the world be a different place?  There is no doubt that it would be but for better or for worse?

So, as we bounced this concept around last night I kept thinking about the book.  I absolutely believe getting more women to run companies is better for the economy, families, community and just everything.  Would it have made a difference if men stayed home all these years and women went to work?  Not sure it is physically possible as women as the only ones who can actually have the babies but maybe they could have just had the kids and left them home with the men.  Women might not have ruled the world in the past but perhaps we will be in the future. If anything, the conversation just gives interesting food for thought.  On a side note, we actually do rule the world but perhaps not from a corporate seat.