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Fred and I went out to see 3rd Ward and stopped at Saraghina for lunch on the way there. 

A total DIY place.  Chairs hanging from the ceiling when you first walk into the coffee/dessert bar area.  The vibe is mellow and the look is edgy in a very cool way.  The menu is simple.  Salads, pizzas, paninis and desserts.

We started with fregula (an italian version of israeli couscous), roasted tomatoes, chunks of tuna, pieces of arugula and a light dressing.  This is my kind of salad.  I will be duplicating this all summer long.

The pizza is just fantastic.  Thin crust with a light tomato sauce, pieces of fresh mozzarella and a spicy ham and a few sprigs of basil.  This is called the capocollo.

While I was in the bathroom, Fred ordered a flaky yet dense plum cake.  It was perfect with my americano coffee.  Lunch was so good.  Keep in mind, cash only.  I was so incredibly full that for dinner I basically had a few oysters and that was it.  Worth every bite.

We made our way over to 3rd Ward which is located in Bushwick.  What can I say?  I love this place.  A continuing education hub for the DIY generation where you can use the equipment, take a class, become part of the community and be creative.  A pretty good combo. 

Wood shops.

Lockers for rent.

Photography studio.

Jewelry shop.

Friendly dog hanging out.

Groovy office areas with chandeliers.

More wood shops. 

Brilliant place.  Looking forward to more conversations with the people behind 3rd Ward.




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