I love Kitchensurfing.  I should, I invested in it.  So what is it that I love about Kitchensurfing?  Kitchensurfing is a marketplace for chefs.  The could be a home chef, a sous chef from a restaurant, a celebrity chef, a caterer.  You get the idea.  As a consumer, you go the site and hire a chef.  You could hire a chef to cook a dinner party for 30 people or an event for 200.  You could be a family with young children and want someone to create a variety of meals for the week to have in your refrigerator.  You could hire someone to come and teach you and a group of friends how to make dumplings.  You might want someone to just come and cook for you or your family or friends every Sunday and you could do that too.

The cost?  As any marketplace works, it is finding the right person for the price you want to pay and that cost is relevant to the marketplace and where you are located.  Certainly a chef in Wisconsin who is looking to cook family meals is not going to be the same price as let's say in Boston.  What is genius is that the consumer now has access to really fantastic chefs to come in to their home.  The key to this business is that it can work everywhere.  Get on, sign up and give it a whirl.  If we don't have chefs in your area of the globe yet, we will eventually.  We even have chefs in Berlin.  What is interesting is anyone who uses it generally uses it again and so do their guests…and users and chefs are finding Kitchensurfing on their own. 

I had a Kitchensurfing event the other night.  I hired Daniel Delaney, who is a BBQ master.  Check out his page on Kitchensurfing.  We discussed what I wanted, what I wanted to pay and what he could do for that.  The food was great and it was fun too.  Instead of having to go to a restaurant to have this kind of food, I had it in my own home with family and friends. 

The menu:  Brisket, Lamb Ribs, Pork Ribs, Cole Slaw, Potato Salad, Succotash, Guacamole and chips to start, Sour cherry pies and banana cream pies to end.  A real BBQ fest.  I particularly liked the addition of cheddar cheese that was served on the brisket. 

I love Kitchensurfing!