Repurpose Compostables

About 6 years ago I got a box of brownies in the mail from a
company in Vermont.  They sent them to me
to try.  The brownies were ok but the
packaging was brilliant.  Inside the box
were those small Styrofoam pieces that are used to prevent breakage ( not sure
if you need them with brownies but…you get the point).  What was amazing about these particular
pieces is that they dissolved when you put water on them.  Instead of having to hope that I get them
into a garbage bag that will sit in a landfill for years and years, I tossed
them into the sink and turned the faucet on and watched the Styrofoam pieces
discinigrate.  Brilliant.  I told the company they should concentrate on
that product not the brownies. 

Fast forward, I get an email in my box about meeting a woman
entrepreneur, Lauren Gropper, behind the company called Repurpose
.  Products that are 100%
renewable and made from plants.  I just
got a package in the mail this week.

The products are priced competitively.  They use only soy-based inks no chlorine of
BPA.  They can be composed in an
industrial composter in 90 days. 
Repurpose offsets all its carbon use through Carbon Fund Org.  The product helps retailers and customers
make a meaningful change in their environmental impact by using these products
and they have the look of feels of the products that consumers are used to.

Kind of a total win win for everyone.  I am going to be talking to Lauren in the
weeks to come.  Looking forward to
hearing her story and perhaps getting involved in what she has created.