Windowfarms at the Natural History Museum

New York's American Museum of Natural History just opened their current exhibit called Our Global Kitchen.  It educates everyone who will see it about how we grow food, transport food, the future of food and even the issues that are facing us now with global warming and more.  A really great exhibit.

Windowfarms is the center of all of it.  I highly recommend you walk into the museum at the entrance on 79th and Columbus.  You will see a 100 foot by 100 foot window containing over 70 vertical windowfarms.  They are growing lettuce, herbs and other products.  They are all using organic soil with eight pots per column, hoses to keep the water circulating and LED grow lights ….and they are beautiful. 

There is also a group of windowfarms in the center of the exhibit upstairs.  I am a huge fan of Windowfarms and I am also an investor.  You can buy a windowfarm including a subscription to plants that will be delivered to your door.  There is a pretty active community online that talks about the food that they are growing.  At the museum there is a kale that I had never had before which was delicious.

If you are visiting NYC with your kids over the holidays or live in NYC with young kids, I highly recommend getting over to the American Museum of Natural History and seeing the exhibit…and of course check out the Windowfarms. 

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