Why why why?

All the countless shootings that take place only makes me ask why why why?

Our politicians can't seem to pass a budget. There is this
pervasive feeling that we should not have to pay taxes. Our hard earned
money should stay in our pockets. No longer are we proud that our taxes
can support a good education, well paved roads or a solid infrastructure
if a crisis happens.  Instead we are all about ourselves not community
or helping our fellow man. I dont get it.

So when it comes down to the right to bear arms that is
certainly not something i see our politicans rising up to the public outcry over the endless stream of random killings of innocent victims because
anyone can obtain an uzi sub-machine gun.  it is supposedly our right.  The NRA has significant pockets
full of cash that help politicians get elected and because of that we
will continue to see tragedy after tragedy like we witnessed in
Connecticut this week. It is heart breaking.  As Bloomberg said, have we had enough yet?

Government at the end of the day is supposed to protect the
people.  The gun laws that we have in place are certainly not
protecting all the people. 

Why why why and when when when will we see change. Obama
doesn't have to worry about being elected again. He should really make his mark in the
history books so that we won't see this
happen again because if he doesn't, sadly we will witness another random act of violence killing innocent people because some lunatic took a gun and decided to kill people.