Roaming around Brooklyn

Fred and I decided to take a journey to Brooklyn.  We just wanted to drive around and see what is happening.  We started by taking the BQE all the way out to Sheepshead Bay.  Driving out there brought back memories.  I used to drive every day to Kings Plaza in Marine Park/Marine Basin to go to work at Macys.  On the way home I'd usually take the back roads instead of the highway and it was how I really got to know the neighborhoods.

I wanted to check out Roll-n-Roaster which has been around for over 40 years.  This is an area of the world that few Manhattanites get out to.  The place was packed with the local community.  Not much better than one step above McDonalds but just a classic. 

You can tell from the sign that it has probably evolved over the year with pizza and other items.  The classic is their roast beef sandwich, onions rings, a lemonade and milkshake.  BTW, you can order anything you want with cheese on it.  We stuck with classic but no shake.

After we left we drove over to the main strip, Avenue U, and stopped in the Donut Shoppe.  The place is more like an old run down one counter diner.  I was hesitant but we were not the only people who stopped into buy donuts.  We tried both a glazed and jelly powdered donut.  Melt in your mouth.

We drove from there all the way over to Prospect Heights on the back roads.  Driving through each different section of Brooklyn is just awesome.  One of the most unique diverse areas of the world.

I just love New York.