Blackberry Farm day two

We got up to a beautiful hot day.  There has been a lot of rain down in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee so everything is lush and a tad humid. 

Breakfast and lunch is served every day in the main house.  Just like dinner the menu changes daily.  There is a warm basket of freshly baked biscuits including two specialities that were made that morning.  The buttery biscuits just melt in your mouth.  This warm basket also includes two jams made on the premises. 

Emily and I decided to take a hike. En route to the hike we passed the lake that sits below the breakfast/lunch house. 

We passed the henhouse.

Through most of the walk we followed this brook.  Kind of nice to walk with a babbling stream next to you.  Very soothing. 

You can hike around the premises that sit at the bottom of the Smoky Mountains.  We got a guide to take us.  Smart move as I am pretty sure we would have take a wrong turn somewhere and our guide had a serious pace going that kept us focused.  The hike was about 4.5 miles.  We got a nice education on the woods from plants and bugs.  En route to the hike we passed the lake that sits below the breakfast/lunch house. 

View from the top
We made it up to the peak and through the mass of trees got a peak at the resort from above.

The honeysuckle is intoxicating. 

After our hike it was time for lunch.  Just to start we had a bowl of deep fried black-eyed peas. 

We split a cheese plate for round 2.  Everything is made on the premises including the charcuterie.

Our main course was a vegetable salad that had probably just been picked from the farm that morning.  Over the top was a freshly grilled boneless chicken breast.  Perfect meal.

The afternoon consisted of sitting by the pool.  The views from the pool are insanely beautiful.  Then we had a little spa treatment.  The resort is in the midst of building a brand new spa so something to look forward to on our return trip.

For dinner that night we went with a red wine, Barbera D'Alba 2010.  A few highlights again.  Carmelized diver scallops over a potato yogurt mouse, mushrooms and a parley puree.

Roasted golden tilefish with preserved lemons, Charleston gold rice, inlet clams, chorizo and watercress. 

After dinner we jumped in our golf cart and made our way home for the next day ahead.