The ups and downs of an investor

Some days are good and some days are not so good as an investor.  Each weekend I take a look back at the week that I had.  The days are always packed which is a very good thing.  Meeting new people, meeting with investments that I am already in, having board meetings and always spending a little down time out of the work life and more in the personal life.  All good.

I bumped into my friend and fellow investor this week and I said to him "today was such a great day".  Everything was just good.  Great meetings with many companies that seemed to be on an upward trajectory and making progress.  New meetings with new possibilities. 

The life of an investor definitely has its ups and down.  All ups would certainly be delightful but obviously impossible.  There are so many bumps on the road and a bit like a rollercoaster but the highs are seriously one of the best feelings ever.