Humans of New York

Images-3The beauty of the Internet ( and also the danger of the Internet) is I tend to buy books and other items with ease after I read about them.  I bought the book last week called Humans of New York. It is a wonderful photography book.  I am so glad I bought it because  made me start to think about NYC. 

Brandon, the photographer behind this book began his journey in the summer of 2010 with the idea to capture the myriad of people that live in NYC.  He set out to photography 10,000 people and get their stories too.  Tumblr was the place on the web where he began to post these photos and build his audience.  That alone is one of the beautiful things about the internet. 

The book reminds me of what a unique city I live in.  There are photos from Crown Heights to Staten Island to the Lower Eastside to Spanish Harlem.  It is like a photography census.  The diversity of NYC should be applauded daily.  I read every story and have gone through the book several times. 

A worthy book to pick up.  Here is his Tumblr page.