Happy Memorial Day

imgresI took full advantage of Memorial Day weekend.  Perhaps it is because the kids are all on their own and I could.   I started on Wednesday.  I worked on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday but remotely.  I soon got into a groove and before I knew it I was off blogging and email for days.  It feels good.  I noticed that my email inbox has slowed down too.  Makes me happy to see that.

I spoke at Techstars a few weeks ago and I actually spoke about the importance of taking time off.  Someone asked me when do you know it is time to take off.  I said when you fall asleep at your computer and you realize that you are no longer productive I’d call that a good time.  Getting away makes you more productive when you return.  Recharging those batteries are a key to life.

Taking time off to focus on the little things makes such a huge difference.  The things that I focused on over the last few days were making sure I kept an eye on the cake so it did not burn.  Making sure I did not get too much sun.  Making sure the wine refrigerator was filled.  Making sure there was enough dinner for everyone including stop-ins.  Making sure that I finished the book I was reading.  These are the little things in life that make for a relaxing three day weekend.

Looking forward to more relaxation as the summer progresses.  Happy Memorial Day…enjoy the day and make sure not to overcook the burgers.