I am pretty fearless when it comes to most things.  It truly takes a lot to rattle me.  We stayed one night in Genoa because we wanted to stay on the water, check out new places and it was en route to Lake Como.  Could have returned to Florence instead for that one night but was curious about Genoa.  You know what?  I felt uncomfortable in Genoa.  I felt more comfortable roaming the streets of Mexico City.   We both knew it the minute we got there.

Our hotel was fine and nothing to write home about.  Even the woman at the desk told us if we were going to walk to dinner to make sure we stayed on the main streets.  Great news.  The city feels depressed, there are people just hanging on the streets and most of them are immigrants.  It is really unfortunate.genoa

We walked down to the seaport to check out Eataly.   It is located on the 2nd floor of a building overlooking the port.  The one in NYC is a hundred times better.  Then we walked to our dinner which was about a 5 minute walk from the port.  We were both feeling on edge.

blackboardWe finally found the place, Vico Palla.  A local dining spot with a black board menu that probably never changes.

octoWe ordered a few things to split.  The first was the octopus tomato salad over olive oil mashed potatoes.  This wasn’t great.

pestoThe pesto pasta was amazing.  Pesto is the thing in Genoa.  Light long wide pieces of melt in your mouth pasta with a smooth pesto over the top.   I had thought about going to Taggiou before dinner for meat and wine and also check out San Lorenzo Cathedral but after surveying the city and where they were both located we took a pass.

sepiaThis was interesting.  A sepia roasted dish in a red wine sauce.  I liked it but only needed a few bites.

fishPoached sea bass with pine nuts, slices of potato, black olives and a white wine sauce.  Also pretty good.  The mixture of salty, savory and sweet really was a nice combo.   The food was just ok but I liked the concept of the two main dishes.  Might have to make it myself when we get home.

We asked for the check and was acknowledged and acknowledged and acknowledged.  Then we noticed people just got up to pay.  All he has to do was tell us that you can pay at the front and we would have left 45 minutes earlier.  Lesson learned.

We walked back to the hotel because I did not bring my wallet.  I carry the cash.  I also wore zero jewelry.  We ended up walking home because we couldn’t find a cash machine and it was only a 15 minute walk.  Really suspect on the way home.  I think we both sighed a huge relief when we got back to the hotel.

The next morning we were going to go Mercato Orientale the daily greenmarket but instead we got up the next morning at 615am and drove quickly up to Lake Como.  Gorgeous and insanely relaxing the second we got there.  A 180 degree different from the night before.