Culture shift

images-1We had many conversations this past week while we slid into the vacation state of mind.  One of them that kept coming up was culture.  Culture has many definitions but what we were talking about was the culture of large organizations, changes that need to be made, and the movement that is afoot.

The movement that is afoot is that companies realize that they can not survive unless they change their culture for women.  As more and more companies are started across each vertical there are more opportunities for women to take jobs in companies that are supportive of women from equal pay to family leave.  Large companies can not survive if they are male dominated.  Bottom line there needs to more females at the top making decisions.

We have seen an attitude shift in regards to embracing the needs that women have in their careers might be different than their male counterparts.  Women should be applauded and embraced vs creating an atmosphere where at one point the ability for women to climb up the corporate ladder becomes unattainable.

As companies wake up there is something else shifting which is the way millennials work.  They have been influenced by the start-up generation. Two-thirds are interested in being an entrepreneur.  Their 20’s are more about experiencing a variety of different jobs until perhaps finding the right path.  If I saw a resume of someone who was around 29 who had been working at one company all of their 20’s it would actually be a red flag.   That’s a tough one for a large company.

Large companies need and want people to stay for so many years.  Each individual is an investment in the future.  So as much as smart large companies realize that they need to change their cultures for the next generation (including being technologically savvy) they need to figure out how to possibly outsource or have more flexibility for the entry level jobs so that people want to stay and grow.  I still do believe that once people start to begin to have families that they will have a desire and need to get a weekly paycheck but they also want to be happy.  Happiness for the millennials is first and foremost.

We know that change must come from large corporations from the board room down to the mail room and the good news is that many of these companies do too.  Yet what I really wonder is how many of these huge corporations will be around or as big as they are today ten years from now.