Salary negotiations?

imgresReddit made an announcement that they would ban all salary negotiations because women do not negotiate as well as men.

There are so many issues with this.  It is a pure knee jerk reaction to seeing women make less than their male peers.  I understand that but isn’t educating people more to the point.

Here is what I would propose.  After hiring someone I would hope that there would be a 3 month follow-up in regards to their performance, culture fit, etc.  That would be the time to say, guess what, you are making this much less than all of your peers.  We think you are terrific but you negotiated for less than what you are worth.  Here is how we are going to help you become a better negotiator and more confident in your skills.  We are going to let you meet with a few coaches and decide which one you think you want to work with.  You will meet with that coach once a week for the next few months to learn how to become a better negotiator, leader, employee, etc.

The shift in the workplace would be significant.  Educating people to hone their skills is a bonus.  It isn’t a union.  It is totalitarian.  It isn’t benefitting women.  It is demoralizing.

Those employees who no longer have to negotiate their salary aren’t learning anything.  How can these people then move forward with their careers without having learned that part of the game.  You can fix those salaries by giving the poor negotiators increases to the same level as their peers but do it with the caveat of having to learn a skill for the next time they have to negotiate something.  That next time could be negotiating a deal for the company with outside clients.

It is a competitive world out there.   Learn how to compete.