La Nuit Blanche Paris

La Nuit Blanche takes place the first Saturday in October.  It is an evening event in Paris where many of the galleries and art museums stay open super late, some to 2am.  There are also social gatherings, installations, and cultural activities in areas around the city to celebrate Paris culture.  We happened to get here the morning of La Nuit Blanche.

saintsupliceWe walked over to dinner through one of my favorite squares, Saint Suplice.

oysters:shrimpOur first stop for the evening was dinner.  We went to Huitrerie Regis located in the 6th.  A tiny simple white restaurant with tables inside and out.  Maybe 40 seats in total.  No reservations.  Absolutely worth the wait.  They only serve oysters, shrimp and at times uni.  Some of the best oysters and shrimp I have ever had.  I can hardly wait to go back.

chablisWith a solid bottle of Chablis that we have now tracked down to be at our place in NYC when we return.

streamersThen we explored the city.  Across from the restaurant there were streamers attached to the subway grates and kids were loving it.

superherosWe continued to walk over to the Quai Branly museum.  They had installed booths of photos on the Seine called We Are Family.  Photographers from across the globe’s photos of people in their own country just living their lives.  It was really an awesome installation.  Superheros, Juan Pablo Echeverri, Columbia.

selfiesThe Self Promenade by Luisa Dorr and Navin Kala.  I believe this is Hong Kong

booksvendingmachineThis was pretty genius.  You could buy a book of the installation from a vending machine.  Unfortunately credit card only and sometimes credit cards from other countries don’t work in machines here.  It is all about their chip.

technologyTechnology in Bed, Hanif Shoaei, Iran

eiffeltowerThe Eiffel Tower was beautiful this evening.  It always was but it was sparkling that night.

We walked over to the Tokyo Palace Museum and the Museum Moderne but they were closed by the time we showed up.  Had a drink at the restaurant located right below the museums before getting a cab back to our bed.