Entrepreneur mindset but we all need a job

imgres-1I went to a lunch where I was most certainly an anomaly.  The attendees were all women who were Presidents, CEO’s and overall astoundingly powerful women of some of the top companies in the US.  It was interesting listening to these women talk about the future of their companies.  How the workforce is changing, how their companies are changing (they all refer to their companies as technology companies now), how their companies sit in regards to the world around them and where that world is going.  Impressive conversation.

Then I return to where I spend the majority of my time…the start-up world.  Everyone is an entrepreneur and not only that they can be.  The available tools allow anyone (if they have trained themselves) to build an app in a few days and get it in the Apple store.  It could be for fun with a few friends that think that over the course of a night that they have a brilliant idea or it could be people who are really drilling down on building a company that they believe will be the next big thing.  That’s pretty awesome.

The big corporations and the start-up community are certainly on different sides of the spectrum but at the end of the day we all need a job that produces income to live.  Ten years from now there will be jobs that don’t even exist today. There are jobs today that didn’t exist ten years ago.

Big companies are acutely aware that they need to have a culture shift for their next workforce.  Millennials desire certain things from their work life and Generation Z will want something else.  Everyone needs a salary to live and you want a happy workforce.  Social responsibility has become a top priority, flexibility is key too, balance of family not just for mothers but fathers as well is another addition to the list and there are more.

As a culture we can all be an entrepreneur.  The tools are there to play in the world around us.  It doesn’t mean we will all be successful as entrepreneurs but the ability to live on both sides of the fence is becoming more and more part of the world that we live in.  The women at lunch got that and not only did I did it fascinating I was happy to hear it.