Data works

imgresThere was a great article in Fast Company called When Data –  Not Humans – Guide VC Funding, More Women Win.  I can’t help but say “no shit”.

On crowdfunding sites such as Circle Up, Kickstarter or SeedInvest where businesses post their businesses and plans to raise capital nobody is looking at the person behind the ask.  If is different when a woman walks into a room of men to pitch them on her company.  I see it every single day.  I could point to too many businesses that are founded by women and have a hard time getting funding…and it isn’t the business.   These particular businesses would get funded sooner and easier if the founders were men.

The good news is that the data is positive on these sites but the data is also becoming clearer around the ROI in women led companies.  Women led companies perform three times better than their male counterparts.  Of venture backed companies, women-led start-ups have a 35% higher ROI and 12% higher revenues than their male counterparts.  That is data.

More women will begin to pull out of the box and become known for what they are doing.  Women who were funded 4-5 years ago will eventually rise to the top to become either publicly traded companies, have fantastic exits or perhaps become households names.  Then, regardless of only 6% of VC’s are women partners, we will see a shift because data speakers louder than words.