the Abortion issue

imgresRoe v. Wade went to the Supreme Court in 1973 and a woman’s right to have an abortion become law.  That was over 40 years ago.  Conservatives, religious factions and others have been trying to slowly chip away at that right through the court with laws that essentially create little access for women in mostly underserved communities.  I could be wrong but it appears that the majority of people who are championing for the change in Roe v. Wade are men who will never fully understand what it is like to be pregnant, carry a child and make that hard decision to have an abortion.  I have yet to meet any woman who has had an abortion say that it was an easy frivolous decision.

The Republicans have continued to push through law suits that involve a women’s access to birth control particularly under the Affordable Care Act (another hated referendum).  The latest is the Zubik case where religious objectors want to disobey laws that do not conform to their religious beliefs.  If we allow religious zealots to ignore law because of their supposed beliefs then what happens?  It will be like opening pandora’s box.

The anger, the fighting, the anti-abortionists and everything else that goes under the haters of this 40 year old law can or can’t be understood because after all everyone is allowed to have their opinion.  You don’t have to agree with their opinion but they are allowed to have one.  What I do not understand is then why do these groups not support family planning?  Why do not they not put their negativity into helping women get pre-natal care?  Why are they not interested in helping women who have decided not to have a child figure out their child care so that they can continue to work?  Do they realize that the women that they are battling against are the women who do not have the financial means to not go to a clinic.  They just want to say no abortion and leave everyone hanging after that.

Women who have the means will always be able to get an abortion.  The religious right is battling against the women who need support so that those children they may choose to have are given the same opportunities from the start of their lives.  Just note that Planned Parenthood does provide family planning and pre-natal care vs the myth that they are simply abortion clinics.

There is a huge disconnect between the religious undertones of anti-abortion and the reality of what could be done to help women who find themselves with unplanned pregnancies.  As someone said to us many years ago, “never trust too pious a person”.