Matzo Project

matzoI met Ashley Albert when I invested in Royal Palms Shuffleboard.  She is the co-founder and it was Jonathan Schnapp who I was in conversations with.  Ashley is a ball of fire.  You might have heard her at one point or your life because in her earlier career she had a children’s band The Jimmie’s, was the voice on MTV’s Daria she was the voice of Tiffany.  If you missed that perhaps you heard her voice on Lucky Charms or McDonald’s commercials or in Ice-Age.

Ashley told me about her Matzo Project awhile ago.  She was obsessed with creating a new matzo for the next generation.  One that was delicious, popped on the shelves and did not taste like cardboard.  As my sister says, nobody ever said I can hardly wait to have a piece of matzo. That might have changed with Ashley’s new product.

I do believe that over the next decade all products on the super market shelves will be reinvented.  If you were looking to buy Matzo for the holidays wouldn’t you be more inclined to choose this snarky, bright, happy looking box?  I would.

The only issue is that the Passover season is not exactly long lived but this matzo might be one to keep in the cupboard all year long with a handful of flavors and more rolling out.  Hats off to Ashley.  I love the product…and it tastes really good!  Oh and did I mention that the Jimmie’s was nominated for a Grammy?