Is it possible to change a culture?

images-1I have said it once I have said a million times, change comes from outside.  Is it possible to change the culture of a company from inside?

As companies grow sometimes there comes a point where the founder moves to a different position be it a Chair or even decides to just be on the board.  Bringing on a new leader changes things but not necessarily the culture.

This weekend Fred mentioned something he had heard about a country club that supposedly was interested in changing who they accept into the club.  Not sure if it actually happened but the desire to change the culture can’t happen in drips and drabs but must happen more like a watershed.

For instance if a company is interested in hiring more women or hiring more minorities or hiring more people who have taken a leave from their career and are now returning they can’t hire just a few.  They have to hire 50 people or 30 people at once.  Something that makes a huge shift.  With that many people entering a company or a club all at once it changes the culture from within…although these people come from outside.

Bottom line, even if this club was interested or not in changing the culture, it is good to hear, but it has to happen in a big wave or nothing will change.