cornerKiki’s is a Greek restaurant on the lower east side.  It is located in an area of the city that I love.  It is still gritty and feels like NYC to me.  Kiki’s fits in perfectly.  Located on the corner of Division and East Broadway in an old Chinese restaurant.  Inside the restaurant is old school with wooden beams and rambling rooms.  The place is a lot larger than you think but each room is small but keep walking and walking and walking into other rooms.

forksThe menu is quite large and 100% Greek.  We seem to gravitate to the exact same thing no matter where we eat Greek.  The silverware and napkins in the Greek can is a nice touch.

grekWe started with the Greek salad.  Love the block of feta on top and a mixture of oregano and olive oil.

octoGrilled octopus with a slight smoky flavor.

fishA whole fish with sauce on the side.  This was a bit dry.

lambLamb chops that are really tasty.  A bit over cooked so order rare if you want it medium rare.

I’d totally go back.  It’s fun, it’s casual and it feels like old NYC.