Indian Accent and A Man Called Ove

imgres-1Love a movie and dinner on the weekend.  Somehow we don’t find the time to do that during the week.  Last weekend we made the trip uptown (gasp) to see A Man Called Ove.  It was playing at the Paris which is such a gem of a theater.  The clientele alone is worth the journey.  I’d like to return to that time and hope of optimism I had but more on that later.

This movie (based on the book) has slowly taken off (like the book) and has become a sensation.  The Swedish film is around a man who recently loss his wife and is deep in grief.  He is a curmudgeon but part of a community that ends up giving him a sense of purpose.  The movie cuts back and forth from the past to the present to understand the life he has led.  I honestly weeped through a good part of the film.  My sister went with us and she weeped too.  Fred took one look at us after the film with our puffy red eyes and howled.

We went to Indian Accent for dinner.  I had read about the restaurant but figured based on its location I’d never get there.  The restaurant is really beautiful and the staff is top.  The restaurant comes from New Delhi.  The food is delicious with an inventive presentation.  It is all price fixed based on how many courses you choose from.  We attempted to share so we could all taste.

sweetpotatoHere are some highlights.  This was a sweet potato shakarkandi with kohlrabi and crisp okra.  Absolutely delicious.

ribsSweet pickle ribs with sun-dried mango and onion seeds.  Fall off the bone delicious.  I could have had several of these instead of just one.

bonemarrowBeef kabab sitting inside bone marrow.

masaRoast paper dosa over mushrooms and water chesnuts.

cheeseThis was stuffed with goat cheese.  So good.

lambA take on peking duck with lamb.  Shredded spicy flavorful lamb with the sides for peking deck from hoisin to tiny pancakes to cucumbers.  Loved this.

If I am ever that area of town again looking for a delicious meal….I know where to go.