I can’t help thinking about the traditions that bind us during this time in our country that is so divided.  I have been taught to not be prejudice and because of that I do not understand people who are.  Every culture celebrates different holidays, makes different food, reads different books to their children, celebrates different holidays and has different traditions.  When schools have diverse populations, children get to experience each other’s ways and hopefully embrace them openly.

I am not sure what grade this happened but I believe it was around 3rd grade, our kids were supposed to bring in a dish that was from their families tradition.  It was great hearing each of them go through that time and try to decide which was just the right dish that represents their family.  It could be the kugel at Yom Kippur, it could be the stuffing we make every single year or the cranberry chutney, it could be the brisket, it could be the charoses from Passover.  Some of these dishes began with my Grandmother.

People marry and create new cultures for their families particularly when two people from different places unite.  An Iranian with an Irish person, a Jew with an Italian, a Korean with a German, etc.  Our country is not that old and many of us still consider our roots be from our countries or our religions.   This is what makes America so great.  The myriad of people who live in a very large place.

The desire for some (and of course our President) to close our borders or to discriminate against others through hatred (vandalizing a Jewish cemetery or bomb scares and more) is so beyond my understanding.  I do understand how we got here.  We got here through greed.  I am just beyond comprehension on the anger and dismissal of ones who don’t look like themselves.  What is really unfortunate is that the people who voted towards hatred and prejudice are the ones that are going to be hurt the worst.