What is your natural gift?

I was talking to my friend about her golf swing.  She said it is her natural gift.  She is an incredible athlete and that is absolutely a natural gift.  If you ask most people what they wish their natural gift was it would be to have a musical voice.  That is a helluva gift.

She asked me what was my natural gift.  It really got me thinking.  The first thing that came to my mind was cooking although is that a natural gift?  It is something I love to do and I certainly have become better with age.  I believe that natural gifts can be honed as the best vocalists continue to take voice lessons.

Everyone has a natural gift.  It can be as silly as being able to curl your tongue into a clover.  As parents you want to nurture your kids natural gifts but you also want to nurture your kids natural desires and passions that they are drawn to.  Is one the same or are they completely different?

Ask yourself, what is your natural gift?  Is it something that has been nurtured?  Is it something that has gotten better with age?  Is it something you never embraced?  Certainly a fun question at a dinner party.