Living in the amplified world

In the start-up world, time flies fast and furious.  That type of constant creates anxiety, frustration, and exhaustion. These days, the incessant flow of information is furiously coming at all of us, all the time.  It is overwhelming and a lot of the information is not even real but pushed at us and it takes place in our thoughts nonetheless.

It all began with our mobile phones.  People more now than ever are yearning for a sense of community and a place where they can connect with others be it sitting around a dinner table, hanging at the park or stepping outside of that media feed to just breath.

There is a reason that wellness is top of mind for everyone.  David Leonhardt, wrote a great piece in the NYTimes, called “You’re Too Busy, You Need a “Schultz Hour”.  Supposedly when George Schultz was our Secretary of States back in the 80’s, he took an hour a week for reflection.  It was the only time he could think strategically about his job.  Not convinced that anyone in that White House right now is thinking strategically.

These days, I am not sure one hour a week is enough.  Figuring out how you can put time on your calendar for that self-reflection makes a difference in your health and more than likely makes you better at what you do.  We all need to take a break these days from the flow of insanity coming at us daily and that doesn’t even include the stress of our own careers.  As our personal lives blur into our careers because we have constant access, now more than ever, it is important to take the time to reflect and breath.  Perhaps we all need a “Schultz Hour”.  I certainly do.