Who Speaks for You?

These days it appears as if everyone is on the defensive when it comes to politics.  That includes all of the non-profit organizations that are being defunded to the 13 older white Senators who are overseeing their supposed new healthcare bill.

I keep thinking that none of these people speak for me.  13 white men who are essentially Luddites certainly don’t represent my views.  They represent the past and I believe that through my investments, my voice for women and everything else I try to do, regardless of my age, I represent the future.

It is important to look at how we got here in order to move forward.  We got here through a well-planned strategy around using laws to suppress voting and incarcerating generations of black men.  We got here through fueling the fire of change without education of where the world was going but instead shifting the conversation towards anger and blame.  Taking advantage of others to create power for a few to become their ideal of a right wing conservative male dominated society.  Similar to despot lead nations under the demise of democracy.

All of their defense created this anger.  We must change the conversation to the offense.  Sports analogies work. Don’t let the defense shut down your offense.  I’d like to see us have a different response to these 13 old white men.  Instead of lamenting around the changes in their health care bill, let’s figure out how to shift the conversation to educating the voters.  All the non-profits who are being defunded should be marketing all that they do, the changes that they make, the number of people they touch, their KPI’s, their good data, essentially actuate the positives.  For instance, at Planned Parenthood, only 3% of its overall services go to abortion but somehow it is cast as an abortion clinic. I do believe that people want to be positive, not negative.

I believe that people want to be positive, not negative.  Now is the time to change the conversation so that the people who are running our country represent the future, not the past.