Happy 2018…

There is something about beginning 2018 on a Monday.  Perhaps that is a sign of an efficient year ahead.  Where everything swept under the carpet creeps out into the open.  Where all grey becomes more black and white.  Where inefficiencies become efficient and that applies to the big picture.

I have always been a fan of reinventing myself over the course of my life. Perhaps it is just at my core.  I love change, I am pretty fearless, I have scaled more non-physical mountains than I care to name and I thrive on challenge.  Or maybe it is age or maybe it is not but as I think about entering this new year, I am being more reflective and feeling freer than ever.

My gut is 2018 will be a good year for the start-up world and start-up means any new businesses regardless of what vertical they are in.  We will see less new start-ups get funded and more companies who were funded over the years become mature and that means being less volatile.  There will be more IPO’s and more M&A action.  Valuations will reflect that.  We will start to see a climbing backlash to the ever ending in your face social media with other ways to connect to each other.  What that looks like, I am not sure but people are burning out and no longer trusting of these platforms.  Crypto-currencies, as volatile as they are, is the guiding light towards a flat world where capital shifts from the powerful banks to the people.  With that will come a rise of the people against the Governments that are controlled by dictators.  Just as women have begun to speak out against bad male behavior, we will see those voices in other places.

I have always been a believer that whatever one generation messes up, the other one fixes.  Issues like our environment and global warming, food waste and overuse of unhealthy products in our food supply such as antibiotics and even data security are a few of the ever ending problems that needs to be resolved to make things better for future generations.  That is what freedom allows us to do.

The long tail of this first year of the Trump administration will begin to show it’s ugly head on the economy sometime at the end of 2018.  It is 2019 that could be a tough fiscal year on many levels.  But for right now, I am looking forward to the year ahead particularly with a lighter bounce in my step.