Sessions Cannabis Idiocy

When Jeff Sessions rescinded the Cole Memo this past week it defined everything wrong with this current administration.  They are living in the past and any data-driven factual information is not calculated into any decisions that they make.  It is frightening.

I could start by pointing to the coal industry that they feel a need to keep alive although every other country is phasing it out. Or how about their interest in drilling for more oil although it doesn’t take much to see that there is a lot of change happening in the energy space that is a win for the environment and creates new jobs but that would be asking too much of them to focus on new big picture opportunities.  It is a pack of white men who have industries cash deep in their pockets to keep them in power and has nothing to do with intellect or representation of the people who elected them.  On top of it all, the office of the President has lost all respect when on a daily basis we see tweets from anyone calling out all these officials with vile, derogatory language.  In only one year we have sunk to an all-time low level of decency.  Sad for all of us.

Back to cannabis.  As a nation we are legally killing people with opiates and alcohol yet nobody has ever died of a cannabis overdose.  It would be worthwhile for Sessions to understand the benefits of cannabis proven by medical institutions who are digging deeper to understand the multitude of health benefits that can also fight disease.  If he would read the facts he would discover that we should continue to move forward with legalization in every state.  The Cole Memo has allowed more Americans to enjoy the health benefits, the economic benefits (taxation and regulation) and not see friends and family members put in jail for possession which is costly and destroys people lives and families over something so inconsequential.  Our prisons are filled with people for small amounts of marijuana possession.  For 70 years we have used cannabis to lock up young black men and it is disgusting.  Although our Government officials have had zero problems making sure opiates and alcohol are legal while taking money from lobbyists in those industries to make sure that cannabis is treated just like heroin even though it is an opioid epidemic that is killing communities across the country.

It is unfortunate that Sessions is such a backward thinker and an intellectual lightweight.  History will not be kind to him or this administration’s social policies.  The smart states will break away and benefit from the taxes and regulation.  Rescinding the Cole Memo will backfire as there are a lot of pot smoking Republicans out there who don’t like paying taxes and read Breitbart.  Sessions isn’t putting this genie back in the bottle.  The ship has sailed.  If anything, his backward thinking without any data and his super right pious conservative views are only costing the Republicans votes.  Over 64% of Americans think that cannabis should be legal and 89% believe in medical legalization.

We should be federally legalizing cannabis now as it will happen at one point in the future and it will good for our economy as well as the health and well being of many.  Honestly, someone should give that man a joint.