I have had many careers. Started out in retail moved to wholesale and then to the media side of the technology world. Chaired a non-profit and got involved in education including our kids school. Have been involved with many real estate transactions from beginning to end and am continuing to make investments in that world.

I love to cook, bake and throw a good party. I love to travel. I am a voracious reader from books to magazines to blogs. I enjoy collecting art particularly emerging artists. Eating at the latest and greatest restaurant is another must do. New stores and designers are also on my radar. I try to stay on the cutting edge of things including music.

The day is not complete with out finishing the NY TImes crossword puzzle.

I spend the most of my day investing in start-up companies that are technology based including some in the consumer products area and even restaurants. I invest and then I get involved. I love what I do.

I am the co-founder of the Women’s Entrepreneur Festival which takes place every January with the ITP department of NYU. I am the chairperson of Hot Bread Kitchen and also sit on the board of the High Line.

My husband is my best friend. At the end of the day, my most important job is being a Mom. We have 3 kids who are terrific people. Someone called me the “woman around town” which I thought was quite appropriate. All and all, I’m a very lucky Gotham Gal.