Fahrenheit 9/11

I finally went to see Fahrenheit 9/11. I am a die-hard Democrat so keep that in mind. First of all, my hats are off to Michael Moore because he has pushed the public (who are coming out in droves to see this film – both Republicans and Democrats) to ask questions about this Administration. One of my biggest frustrations through this entire smoke and mirrors Administration is that where is the Press? There was not one thing in Moore’s documentary that I had not read somewhere before. All of the ties to the Saudi’s oil with the Bush family and extending members such as Cheney and Rummy. Why has the press not made an of this an issue? Why hasn’t there been pressure to look into this from an Independent Commission (not that this Administration gives information to Independent Commisions anyway)? We just walked right into Iraq without asking questions? Not one worthwhile Ally supported this. How come we did? I didn’t.

I much preferred the first half of the movie when he tries to show the link between the money, the oil and the terrorists. That was of interest. The second half wasn’t as interesting to me. I know that families are heart broken over losing their loved ones, who are fighting for us over in Iraq. Unfortunately, we are at war and that is what happens. How come these families aren’t questioning why are we there, louder? It is not the way of the military for the military to question this. Military soliders are trained to follow orders. I did like however when Michael takes to the streets and asks our Congressmen if they would send their children over to Iraq to fight for us. No one took him up on that.

One of the most fascinating scenes in the film, which I did not know about until I saw the movie, was when after Bush was given the nod to become our President from the Supreme Court how people reacted in Congress. Representatives stood up in the House with millions of signatures about why this should not happen and that something fishy went on, not ONE Senator had the balls to sign it. They all just did the “right thing” and had a peaceful hand over to the next Administration. Wrong! Shame on them. If they had truly looked into what happened in Florida and god knows what else, we would not be in the mess we are today and George Bush probably would not be President.

What type of President sits in front of a class of kids and reads them a book when he has just found out that we have had a terorrist attack? He not only goes ahead with his “photo-op” but then sits there for 11 minutes before telling anybody what do to. This is leadership? To me, that sums up the reason why no intelligent human being who believes this country should vote for a man like this.

Listen, I could ramble on for hours about what a disgusting group of people are running the White House. But, I won’t. All I have to say is bravo to Michael Moore for making a film that is forcing people to think about the consequences of voting again for an under-handed, greedy, elitist, arrogant dictatorship who is taking away our civil liberties piece by piece President, deserves a round of applause. I can tell u that in my theater, that is exactly what they did.