Mountain biking in Aspen

I have been out West a variety of times during the winter but it has been probably 20 years since I have been out here during the summer. It is breathtakingly beautiful. Truly magnificent.

My husband, who is now the big “macher” in the family is at a conference out here. I actually remember being the big “macher” at one point but I am happy to take the number 2 position as the COO of the Wilson family. So, he was invited to a conference called Brainstorm and I came too. I am really looking forward to tagging along and hearing some of the speakers.

Today we woke up and went mountain biking. This is the 3rd time that I have been mountain biking. The other 2 times was once in Arizona and the other in Montauk. I need to get out to Montauk more. First of all, it is so exhilerating. Since I am a skiier and a snowboarder, I love the thrill of navigating down the mountain and going at a pretty high speed. I also love the challenge of getting up something steep.

The most amazing thing out here is that we were in an area of the world where we were the only people on the path. The vista was so gorgeous that I had a hard time following the path because I wanted to keep looking at the beauty. My head kept going up and down. Wild flowers are rampant, you can hear the babbling steam running down the mountain, tall grass is blowing in the wind, u can smell the clean air. Incredible.

Every time I am surrounded by sheer beauty like this, I wonder if it will remain this way forever. I sure hope so. My fear is that the GAP (Great American Public) will come stomping in there and people will start to construct homes. Thankfully, there is a hard core group of Environmentalists in our country. My hats are off to them because something as beautiful as the land in Colorado is something that should be preservered forever. I hope other people have the intelligence to see that too.

I might have to make my way up that mountain again tomorrow.

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  1. Brad Feld

    I’m glad you and Fred are enjoying our amazingly beautiful state. We’re up in Alaska which is even more amazing, but similar.

  2. Jonathan Greene

    A few years back my wife and I attended a weddding in Beaver Creek over labor day and I checked out the downhill mountain bike riding there — amazing!! I had neevr experienced anything like the sheer heart pumping you get while trying to stay upright at about 10,000 ft! Perhaps it was the altitude doing the heart pumping…

    Enjoy and be safe – everyone I was riding with (myself included) took more than a few falls.

  3. Jackson

    On the Hotel California album Don Henly sings about Aspen on the song “The Last Resort” basically saying what you said about developement.
    “call something paradise, kiss it good-bye”

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