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As the weeks get closer to the election, I am trying to wrap my arms around why would anyone vote for George Bush. I had lunch with a friend of mine last week who is obsessed with it. He has read a variety of books on trying to figure out the angle. He doesn’t want to live here if George Bush is re-elected.

Bush has taken a balance budget and tossed it down the drain, there will be less jobs in this country than when he took office 4 years ago in November, he decided to go to war in Iraq when were not provoked or attacked by them (making the leap that we were with Al Queda), we have lost over 1000 American soldiers not to mention countless soldiers who are wounded for life, he crossed the line on separation of church and state, he has pissed off all of our allies, he has let the dollar plunge so that purchasing consumer goods has gone up and travel overseas is outrageously expensive, he has turned back our environment, he has made sure that companies who give him money just get what they want, he has created a true separation of the classes which get worse every day, he has totally screwed up medicare, he has given pure lip service to education which is the key to our future survival. So, why would anyone vote for this man? Is that he is anti-abortion and is against gun laws? I don’t know and I don’t get it. As my friend put it, “if you vote for George Bush you are either stupid or selfish”. She might be right on the money.

My sister send me a link and story which I want to share.

For the first time in their history, the Republican National Committee
has chosen to stage their convention in New York City. If this seems as
abhorrent, implausible and politically transparent to you as it does to
me, check out this site.
Over the weekend, I met a great woman who started an organization called
Window Treatment. The organization has created a simple uniformed way
for people to do their part, and send the RNC a message by displaying
signs in windows – cars, offices, homes, etc. (Go to the site to see
the simplicity and powerfulness of the image.)
Whether or not you live in NYC, you too can participate. This visual
message is just as important for November 2nd!
Please visit the site & do your part!!

This is a great idea. The only power to get George Bush out of office is the power of the people. Hopefully through strength, protests and more viral stuff like this, people who are undecided will make the right choice. Vote Kerry.

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  1. Jackson

    I have decorated my office in ‘no w’.

  2. celeste lindsey

    obviously the RNC is trying to wrap itself in the 9/11 tragedy. pathetic attempt at appearing decisive, patriotic, whatever. those of us who lived through it, and lived through it at really close quarters, are not fooled at all.



  3. o2b_Bushfree_in_05

    I’m not from NYC but I’m still enraged that GWB would dare to show his face there, much less use the city as a stage for the acceptance of his party’s nomination to once again run (or is it ruin?) for President. After sitting in a Florida classroom for seven minutes after being told the nation was under attack on 9/11/01, reading a childrens’ book for a photo op while the military waiten in vain for his orders, I was incensed to see video of him at the site of the Twin Towers, using the rubble as a backdrop for yet another photo op. After hearing him claim he was going to “smoke out” Bin Laden, than later (after he had diverted attention to Iraq) hearing him say he wasn’t even thinking about Bin Laden, I find it incredible that he could even show his face in DC where the memory of the burning Pentagon was still fresh. George W. Bush is and has always been unfit to command our military forces, and he is and has always been unfit to assume the office of President of the United States; nevertheless, he did so four years ago with the blessing and the financial support and the machinations of the Republican Party. How does ANY Republican dare to show his or her face in New York City now???