Now I have heard it all. My friend told me about this today. Citibabes is a private club for toddlers and their families that is opened soon in Soho. How frightening? What has this city come to? The cost is $1000 to join. There will be a spa for the mom’s and plenty of baby/kid friendly environments to play in.

Why did they choose Soho? The owners believe that the demographics of downtown have changed. I am here to say I completely disagree. Yes, the demographics of downtown have changed in some respect. There is more money, real estate is more expensive, there are a lot of young families due to the large spaces downtown etc. But, people downtown are much more low-key. They are not flashy. It is hard to figure out who has money and who doesn’t. It is a completely different environment just as the Upper Westside has a different vibe than the Upper Eastside. Downtown is a whole different universe compared to uptown.

As a parent of a school that has 25% of the operating budget going to diversity, I would say that the majority of parents are our school would be aghast to know that Citibabes is opening in Soho. All I can say is you picked the wrong location. If this succeeds downtown, I will be truly surprised. Then I will be able to say good luck and good riddance. I can hardly wait to say those words.

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  1. Jack

    So I guess you are surprised. I was at CitiBabes yesterday and it was packed. A yearly membership is now $2,000. Did I hear you say “Surprised” yet?