Blogging for a year

I realized today that I have been blogging for over a year. I started last year on my 42nd bday. My bday was last week, so it has been just over a year that I have been blogging. Wow!

I really enjoy the daily ritual. I love writing about my experiences. I have 100 people a day that now get an email each time I blog, which is pretty amazing. About 400 – 500 people visit my site daily which is also pretty cool. All and all, I hope that it has been worthwhile for people who read what I write because it has certainly been worthwhile for me.

The whole blogging world is an interesting place. I enjoy reading the other blogs that I read daily. Other blogs I only read on occasion. It will be of interest to watch where the blogging industry takes us. Maybe somewhere away from the regular daily newspapers and magazines, maybe not. But, it is certainly interesting to read other people’s thoughts and comments on anything of value to me.

Obviously our President, Mr. Bush is out of touch with the World Wide Web. At the 2nd debate, he said that you could read about something all over the Internets. Internets? I thought Kerry should have used that line to counter with, that would be Internet. Singular not plural. Just shows u how far and wide the Internet as a tool has to go. Blogging is just another wonderful thing that makes the Internet one of the best developments of our time.

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  1. C. Mark Manney

    I was rather relieved to see just how out of touch Bush is in terms of the Internet. They don’t take us seriously because they don’t “get it”. Hopefully we can keep it that way.

  2. Tom Watson

    Congratulations on a terrific blog – I read it all the time. Esp love the restaurant reviews – better than the NYT’s.