Joe’s Pizza

What a sad sight this week. Joe’s Pizza, a true fixture in the West Village on Carmine and Bleeker, is closed. The good news is that they have an annex a few doors down that has remained open. But, it just isn’t the same.

Their rent went up to $15K a month, so Joe said enough. My kids are distraught. The kid’s at our school always go over there to grab a slice and stand at the tables. They knew all the counter guys. The place was always hopping. The ice’s were a fantastic treat to pick up in the spring and summer. Most of all, the pizza is so good. The mozzarella pizza is the best.

Most important, Joe’s was the ultimate fixture in the village. It was a great hang out. The vibe was great. It was a true NY place.

I am so sorry to see Joe’s move over to their other shop. That shop has a window to stand at and tables inside but it is a totally different feel.

God forbid a Starbucks opens up in that space. One of the best parts of the village is the wonderful singular food merchants that are supported by the locals. I hope that part of the village does not close, as Joe’s did sadly this week.

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  1. jackson

    I’m crushed. Absolutely crushed. Deittra and I ALMOST went in when she was up last, the line was too long, so we bailed figuring it would always be there. aaaaaaaaaaaaH! This is a black day.

  2. Heather

    I work nearby and my friend always wants to go there because it’s the “good” pizza place. We went one day during lunch and it was closed!! We didn’t know why and were upset. The nicer looking store down the street isn’t the same. We like the dingy look of the old one!

  3. gary

    Many many stores, several existing in the city for well over 20 years, are being forced to close by unreasonable rent/lease demands.
    As a small business owner myself, I am quickly tiring of running my business just to pay for basic expenses, and my landlords next multimillionar dollar extravaganza.

    If we cannot stop the trend, manhattan will become a town of chain stores (34 street), empty stores (57th street and all over town), and super malls (Time Warner and Trump).

    It is sad. Any Suggestions?

  4. Jenny Lawton

    How sad. I always mourn a small business having to stop being in business because of rent. Since I’ve moved to Greenwich, we’ve lost about 15 well established and well loved independents. That’s a lot of business churn in 5 years. I’m trying to make up for some of it but it’s tough!

    My rent goes up 2% a year ad nauseum with all improvements and maintenance my responsibility. My new lease for the coffee shop somehow has me owning the furnace (I don’t get this even for a second). It’s scary when you sign a lease to think about replacing an industrial size furnace or an industrial size air conditioning unit or replacing the glass panes on an historical building that’s nearly 100 years old …

    Independents are in business because someone loves the business and doesn’t plan on making a lot of money. The owners love the customers, what they do, how they do it and the whole business.

    The best thing that people can do is viciously support independents. Stop shopping at Amazon and Borders and Starbucks and The Gap and … you get the idea. That’s really easy to say but so hard to do. Even if you can’t afford it — it’s better to talk to an independent owner and ask for a break in return for your loyalty and patronage.

    I try my darndest to support independents in all of my shopping. I go astray when it comes to buying clothes because the options in Greenwich are pretty pricey! So I support Zappos and a few other choice online retailers.

    I love the concept of buying retail real estate and being a landlord that makes it possible for independents to survive — but I suppose the purchase would have had to have happened when I was still in high school 🙁

  5. Chris

    That’s terrible news…my favorite NY-style pizza in the whole world. Whenever we went to NY, we’d always go to Joe’s.
    I’m crushed and saddened…no fooling. That’s like getting punched in the gut a couple of times.

  6. Liz Siliato

    I was just in the West Village. I snaked through my favorite streets, passed the crazy line at Magnolia, and couldn’t wait to hit Joe’s. I had the same experience…utter shock and disappointment. My friend with me just didn’t understand. I stared at this new place- Abertino’s or something that looked like a Sbarro’s. Neon lights and fresh everything. What happened to those tables you used to stand at…what happened to the cool guys behind the counter? I was so outraged I walked in and asked where is Joe’s? They all looked at me like I was crazy. Such a sad, sad day.

  7. liz siliato

    my name is liz siliato too!!!

  8. Liz SIliato

    Same name? No way….